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SOLD: Metrum Hex with USB and Extended range transformers

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Item : Metrum Acoustics Hex NOS dac, with balanced out, USB and extended output transformers

Location: Melbourne, NE suburbs

Item condition description: Excellent, Unmarked.

Price and price conditions: $1950

Reason for selling: I'd like to try a dac with DSD capability, perhaps with a volume control too.

Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup, or Courier

Extra info:

I've been loving this dac, but want to give DSD a go. As an NOS dac, (and one of the very best of this kind), this isn't an option. Also I wouldn't mind one with an integrated volume control, which is not an option on the hex either... So anyway, I'm putting my beloved Hex up for sale here first.

Many of you will already know this dac's reputation. It's the real deal, awards everywhere.

See: http://www.nosminidac.nl/Awards_English.html

I'm selling it at this silly price so I can offload it quickly and (relatively) painlessly. I've basically burned it in for you, and it sounds heavenly.

There's 3 toroidal transformers individually feeding the 3 circuit boards within. Full channel separation. I haven't checked to see, but when I bought it I was told it has silver tracks on these circ boards, It features a damped enclosure, not many dacs have that.

PS the last image is taken from a website, I didn't open it up!

It's on Darko's famed Dac index, right up the top, and received a long and glowing review from 6moons by no less than 3 authors.

It's been loved and fussed over, fed filtered power (PS audio power plant), in a smoke free and pet free environment. I paid a bit over $3300 for this dac, it's a steal for this price.







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