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Hi from NE Victoria.

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Hi Friends.


Been a bit of a lurker but today decided to place a classified and thought I better follow the rules and intro myself.


I am a big fan of vintage HI-FI and have a variety of nice items tho nothing truly spectacular and and some new stuff but hey, its just functional and quite frankly, disappointing. If I want to listen to music and truly enjoy it, I go out to the garage, crack a few beers and keep the neighbours informed that I am still alive.

For what its worth my music tastes are in three separate categories. The stuff that I grew up with, 1966 to 1974.

Alternative as a Triple j listener since 1977 until now I have always kept up to date with the swirling world that isn't mainstream.

Electronica, so much to enjoy. In my world, an art form yet to be fully embraced.

To me, the type of music is the most important part of being a music lover. Because when its not being used your stereo is simply a pile of pretty aluminium and timber veneer. Its only when its turned on does the magic happen.


But anyway I could bang on but I won't and hopefully no one reads these posts lol


And if you do…. I am an opinionated, quasi intellectual sanctimonious pendant but despite all of that most people who know me well would agree that I am a good bloke regardless.

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G'day Richard, you'll do fine here. I used to live in Yarrawonga just down the road. When you get round to it post some pics of your setup.

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Welcome Richard,


Some of us read these intro's with great interest - welcome to the brotherhood.... Now we as well as your neighbours know you are alive so watch out lest you become infected with upgraditis as well.





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