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FOUND: WTB: stepped attenuator/passive pre

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Hi all,


Looking to try a stepped attenuator or similar passive volume control device. Open to different vendors, suggestions. 





I bought this Promitheus TVC from another SNA member a couple of weeks ago. It is in good condition. I bought it to try out in my system, but actually I have ended up using the volume on my DAC/pre for the sake of convenience. 


This has balanced and single inputs and outputs as you will see. I paid $500, but I'd be willing to pass it along for a little less, say $400, based on the fact that it has passed through another set of hands.


Here is the original ad: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/66954-promitheus-reference-4-tvc/?hl=promitheus




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