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WTB: Vienna Acoustic

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I' ve got the small floor standers, the Bach.. Had them about 8 years. They are a phenomenal speaker. They love high end amplification and cabling etc and are well worth experimenting with till you get a great sound out of them. They reveal every single change i've ever done in my system. They're exceedingly musical and have fabulous bass down to around 35hz and can sometimes here around the 32hz. They can simply dissappear and you're left with a giant sound scape. Some say they're laid back and they're a bit soft on the top end. As said, they'll reveal what you put into them. I had a talk with the previous distributors at the last hifi show in Melbourne. They now do Martin Logan but they said they loved Vieannas and the main bloke still owned his. They said as you go up the line, you simply get more detail over all.. Good luck with the hunt. 

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