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Greetings from Maine!

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I was lucky that my Father bestowed a love of music upon me from a young age. He brought me to my first concert when I was ten, Aerosmith and Kiss. There have been many more shows together since then. As I got older, I began buying as many CDs as possible. I drove a lot during college and after, so my 5 CD changer in my car well well worn by the time I traded it in. 


Fast forward to the pandemic and I found myself finally getting into vinyl. I had a small collection of some of my favorite records already on vinyl just as collectibles, but as I had nothing to do after work, I got my first turn table and a pair of active speakers with built in phono pre amp, and I was hooked. 


Fast forward to now and I've got a system i'm very happy with, and a decent record collection. I've unfortunately (for my wallet) gotten into tube rolling, and have been doing research on different tubes, tube amps, and have even found myself starting to try to figure out the circuitry involved. Sites like stereonet and diyAudio have been been great resources! 


I'm currently running a Pro-ject turntable into a Project tube box s, into a Willsenton r8, and into 1986 Klipsch Fortes. 


The best part of it all is sitting in front of it all at the end of the night with a beer and the dogs or cats laying around with me listening. Better than anything on TV. 

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