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Any recommendations for an amp with a built in DAC and can play music from the home network?

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I sold all my wonderful gear years ago. 
Now I’m hankering for something simple. 
An amplifier that has a built in DAC and can also access my PCM and DSD files on a Mac Studio via my Apple Music MacOS. 

I’m thinking of the Yamaha R-N1000A. 
I’m not interested in subscription music but want to play my files on the home network via Ethernet. 
Is this a reasonable choice?

Ive got some hearing loss but can still hear ok, so I don’t want to set a massive budget. 
I haven’t got speakers yet but only want floorstanding ones. 
Putting it together bit by bit and only purchase in full when funds are available, without going into debt on a credit card. 
Any thoughts would be most welcome. 

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20 hours ago, oldrose said:

What sort of budget? There are many, many options ranging from just under 1000 new to mega buck territory

Yep, pretty important information.

Can spend anywhere from $500 for a Wiim Amp up to $20,000+ (eg. Hegel H600)


The Yamaha has had some excellent reviews. Going up around $4000-$5000, the Cambridge EVO 150 and NAD M10v2.

The SVS Prime Soundbase is in there too, a bit under $1500. NAD C3050 somewhere around $3000 I think - has a nice retro aesthetic.

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OK so some recommendations for a simple solution from me.

Under 1K - Wiim Amp.

Just over 1K Bluesound POWERNODE N330.

Under 3K - Naim Uniti Atom.

Under 5K - Lumin M1. 

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