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Please help with equipment selection

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Hello everyone, I currently have a pair of speakers connected to power amplifiers, connected to an SMSL DO 100 DAC via XLR, connected to a Wiim Pro streamer via optical.


1) I want to be able to plug two subwoofers
2) I want to be able to run any DSP software (preferably something good and easy to setup)


I have been looking at the Mini DSP SHD ($2300) as it has 4 outputs. 2 for LR and 2 subs, full license for Dirac Live 3.x, microphone, etc. It is also a Streamer and DAC but that also means I would not need the SMSL and the WiiM anymore. I'd like to keep those two as they're fairly new.
There's also the Mini DSP Flex ($1268) that doesn't include the streamer part, or XLR outputs, it uses TRS as balanced connections instead. It also doesn't include the Dirac Live 3.x license that is included in the SHD version. So I would have to pay extra for those and I'm not sure how much it would add in the end.

Are there any other options as good or better than the mentioned above that do not go over Mini DSP SHD price?


Thanks in advance.

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