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OAD UF1 Power Amplifer

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Perth
State: WA
Payment Method: Paypal as friend, Bank Transfer
Reason for selling: Upgraded

For those in the know, this amplifier should need no introduction. Designed and built in Australia by Jon DeSensi of Music Labs fame, the UF1 is a hugely capable amplifier, designed to be able to drive complex loads with ease.


Huge capacitor power ensures heaps of reserve power for highly dynamic music.


From the OAD website:


The UF1 is extremely fast with ultra-bandwidth and has a high current capability. The amplifier copes gracefully with impedence dips to 4 Ohms and lower. As the load impedence of an amplifier is decreased to below 8 Ohms large signal non-linearities begin to appear. Unlike, crossover distortion, this large signal non-linearity is significantly dependent on the amplifier's output stage power transistors.

The UF1 utilizes the latest in transistor technology to deal with these significant distortions. The transistors used in the UF1 are in a different class from the more conventional transistors, in that, the current gain is completely maintained over its full power bandwidth. Correct utilization of these transistors minimizes not only the large signal non-linearities but significantly lowers crossover distortion.


There are some very difficult to see marks on the top of the amplifier which may have been during production, and some minor marks near a couple of the screw holes on the side, as pictured. Otherwise in pristine condition and recently serviced by Jon and given a clean bill of health.


The amplifier will come with a reset of the original three year warranty, in writing by Jon. This amplifier has performed awesomely in my system and I know it iwll in yours too, so hurry up and get on board the OAD train! You will not regret it.


I will have the complementary CP1 pre-amplifier for sale shortly.




  •      Latest State of the Art ThermalTrak Power transistors
  •      All Aircraft Grade Aluminium non magnetic chassis
  •      Pure Silver binding posts and RCA connectors
  •      Class AB 200W (Class A 10W)
  •      High Current design - Load invariant to 4 Ohms and will drive 2 Ohms easily. 
  •      Has the detail and control of the best Solid State as well as the musicality of the best tube amps etc. etc.
  •      Low EMF Toroidal Transformer


Power output:            200W into 8 Ohms 

Sensitivity:            2.4V

Input Impedance        2.3 kOhm

Damping Factor        >500

Noise out:            <-96 dBu (0-22kHz bandwidth RMS, Rs = 50R)

Voltage amplification        27 dB

Frequency response        0-100kHz +/-1dB

THD                0.005% at 1kHz (100kHz bandwidth)

Weight .................................. 15 kg (33 lbs)        

Shipping Weight .................. 24kg (53 lbs)

Dimensions .......................... 178 x 438 x  365mm     (5” x 17.25” x 14”)    
(H x W x D)

Shipping Dimensions ........... 280 x 575 x 490mm      (11” x 22.7” x 19.3”)
(H x W x D)



1 -20240325_133814.jpg

2 - 20240325_132336.jpg

3 - 20240325_132316.jpg

4 - 20240325_132223.jpg

5 - 20240325_132420.jpg

6  -20240325_132355.jpg

7 - 20240325_132407.jpg

8 - 20240325_132413.jpg

9 - 20240325_132327.jpg

10 - 20240325_132432.jpg

11 - 20240325_135823.jpg

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2 hours ago, kefacurus said:

I heard an OAD amp and was mighty impressed. Dynamic, controlled and silky smooth. Great Aussie product.

I was once an audio wanker, demanding only international and well known bands. I decided to take a leap of faith with OAD and man, have I been impressed. I think if you look close enough, there's some good stuff available.

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