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Diy full range speakers

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Price Range: 1-500
Item Condition: Good

Hi I am looking for a diy made pair of full rangers that look nice and have some sensitivity mark audio drivers or similar Lii audio.  Possibly fostex.  

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I have a pair of stylish Konus Essence style speakers using the EJ Jordan driver.

They look fantastic and sound pretty good too. I have always held on to them but l really have nowhere to put them.

Also markaudio seastacks but they are over your budget.

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Thanks.  Do you have any 

e pics please I’m also happy to spend more money on the right speakers.


at the moment I’m looking to see what’s out there in full range.   But happy to purchase the second I see something that’s right for me.


thank you 

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Posted (edited)

Hi Chris. Are these of any interest to you. Coral 12Tx-1 triaxials. I currently have them placed in open baffles which are working very well, but if truth be told are superfluous to my needs.

Cheers, Leon. 



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