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Two for two - Ascendo The16 Sub reviewed with Applause!

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The Ascendo The16 Sub Active Sealed subwoofer has been reviewed and received an Applause Award. 


Many thanks to Tony O'Brien for his thoughtful and detailed review of this real groundbreaker (almost literally and figuratively) of a subwoofer. 


Some of our favourite quotes include "Ascendo Immersive Audio's The 16 SUB is one of the most impressive subwoofers I've reviewed, regardless of budget." "So... in this reviewer's opinion, this subwoofer is exceptionally good value and should be high on your audition list. Don't be surprised if, after doing so, you no longer feel the need to look any further. It should go without saying then that the Ascendo is highly recommended."


Take a look at the review here: https://www.stereonet.com/au/reviews/ascendo-the16-sub-active-sealed-subwoofer-review

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