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Focal Sopra Center Speaker


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Price Range: Dependant on item age, condition etc name your price
Item Condition: Newer the better! will consider all items

Extra Info:  

G'day Everyone, 

Currently looking for a Focal Sopra Center speaker to start building out a home theatre with my Sopra floorstanders. The newer/better the condition of the item is obviously better but I will consider any that are offered up. Minor marks or a scratch or two would be passable as long as we are not talking extreme cosmetic damage. 

perfect working order of the speaker, tweeter, drivers etc is a must! 

I am in the Knox area of Melbourne VIC and would be happy to drive most places for pic up in VIC even if its a few hours. Will consider postage/freight also. 

Let me know what you have and what price you are after. 

Many thanks, 

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thanks for the link mate! i didnt think to check facebook, try to stay off there these days haha but i guess it still has some purpose! I might have found a local solution but if that falls through good to have a back up. thanks again!


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