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Khozmo Acoustic Passive Preamp

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Sydney
State: NSW
Payment Method: Cash on Pickup/ Bank Transfer
Reason for selling: Surplus to Needs

Further Information


Khozmo Passive Preamp with input selector

3 inputs and 2 outputs. RCA

Shunt 64 steps with remote: AMRG+Vishay


Excellent condition 12 months old. 

Selling as I have moved onto a transformer based volume control so this is surplus to needs. 


NB: Includes spare silver knobs and a silver faced plate which can be used (with some modification) if preferred but without volume display. 


Dimensions: W270 L250 H90 mm

Weight: 4 kgs

Includes: Remote and power supply


From the website -

Khozmo preamps are known for their high-quality audio performance and transparent sound reproduction. Khozmo is a brand that specializes in manufacturing passive preamplifiers using high-quality components and precise engineering techniques.

The sound characteristics of a Khozmo preamp can be described as neutral, detailed, and accurate.

In terms of transparency, Khozmo preamps strive to have minimal impact on the audio signal passing through them. They are designed to preserve the original tonal balance, dynamics, and spatial characteristics of the music or sound recordings. This transparency allows listeners to hear the nuances and details in the audio with clarity and accuracy.

Additionally, Khozmo preamps typically exhibit low distortion characteristics. By minimizing distortion, they ensure that the audio signal remains clean and unaltered, maintaining a high level of fidelity. This results in a more enjoyable listening experience, as the original dynamics and texture of the music are preserved. These preamps excel at reproducing subtle nuances and textures within the music, allowing listeners to hear intricate details that might otherwise be masked or overlooked. The precise soundstage and imaging further enhance the listening experience, as instruments and vocals are accurately positioned within the stereo field, creating a realistic and immersive soundstage.











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6 hours ago, Erik E said:


What is the attenuator's resistance?

10K or 100K?


Hi I’ve been told by Arek at Khozmo that its 25 or 50k

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