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Greetings from Brazil

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Hello! I'm tuning my system with every possible component I can afford. I already have a very software optimized server PC and raspberry pi 5 endpoint. Both running Audiolinux, Diretta network protocol and lots of minor optimizing (kernel parameters, RAM root, realtime kernels etc).


I'm changing the RPI5 endpoint to a x86 based PC. Both server and endpoint will be powered by HDPlex DC to Atx 500w power supply + 16v 50F supercapacitor board + Antek rectifier boards and soft start modules + Toroidal transformer + Ac filter board.


Both server and endpoint with a dedicated intel i350 t2v2 lan card.


My DAC is a DIY build with Ian Canada parts and power supply (amazing price/performance ratio). Pre-amp is a Schiit Freya plus with modded caps (V-CAP Odam 2.2uF 400v) and different sets of tubes from Ken-Rad, Sylvania and RCA. Power amp is 2ch Hypex NCX500 from Buckeye Amps. Speakers are a pair of Elipson Prestige Facet 24f.


I already have some sturdy cat8 Lan cables, and LPS + supercapacitor board for router and switch. But I think I can upgrade the switch, maybe to EtherRegen. That's the info I'm chasing here 😎



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Welcome Fernando. The Rock Puppy already mentined the best place to start, and here are a few others:


Digital Sources, DACs, and Computer Audio: https://www.stereonet.com/forums/forum/20-digital-sources-dacs-and-computer-audio/


Ethernet & Networking for Audio: https://www.stereonet.com/forums/forum/447-ethernet-networking-for-audio/


General Hi-Fi: https://www.stereonet.com/forums/forum/21-general-hi-fi-beginners-discussion/


Plenty of friendly, knowledgable and helpful peole on here so feel free to ask questions.

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