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Introduction! Hello from NSW.

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Hello everyone! Long time movie buff that has finally ventured into the home theatre territory. I hope to pick some brains while here and learn a thing or two as I'm suffering from a little analysis paralysis at the moment. 


I enjoy horror and thriller movies, and action and sci-fi films. But, in saying that, I appreciate most cinema and will watch almost anything. I'm not too pretentious about it, to be honest. One thing I thoroughly enjoy is just talking film, positively. It's easy to trash on films and most online discourse tends to devolve into petty and superficial critiques, but I enjoy listening to WHY people love certain movies, particularly those that I didn't 'get' the first time so I can go back with fresh eyes and a new perspective, and hopefully, come out of the viewing with a new appreciation for the movie.


A little unsure of what else to include, so I'll just share some of my favourite films off the top of my head: JAWS, Se7en, Alien/s, Predator, In the Mouth of Madness, Jurassic Park, Silence of the Lambs, Terminator 1/2, Man of Steel, John Wick, Big Trouble in Little China, The Thing, Back to the Future, Casino Royale, Die Hard, The Fugitive, Hellraiser, Speed, The Usual Suspects, Total Recall, The Ritual, Tremors, Sinister, Donnie Darko, Edge of Tomorrow, The Dark Knight, The Mission: Impossible franchise, The Shining, Bourne Identity, The Matrix, Halloween, Evil Dead 2 and so on.


I could sit here all day listing movies that I adore, but I imagine most people have already stopped reading.


Looking forward to being part of the forum and leaning on some of the experience and knowledge contained here. 

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On 12/04/2024 at 10:35 PM, The Rock Puppy said:

Welcome to Stereonet.

You might find  the "Movies - Box Office, etc" section worth a look. Why not hop over there and take part in the discussions! 


Thanks Rock, sounds like that may be my kind of space. First things first, though. I need to pick the brain of a few audiophiles to help me make a decision regarding my two home cinema speaker packages.

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