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Anthem 720 - ARC Results Query

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Hi, I am new to this thread and after some advice.

I have an Anthem 720 MRX, together with two loudspeakers, Centre, Sub and 4 x in-ceiling speakers. My setup is simply in a lounge room with no ideal surroundings like wooden floors, big window etc but it is what it is.

MY Anthem was repaired and once I got it back all of the settings were wiped.

I ran ARC yesterday and uploaded the changes to my 720.

My wife now says the audio is too piercing with different types of music.

I am a beginner with ARC and don't really understand the professional mode for making changes.

I have attached my ARC PDF file  if someone could point me in the correct direction to see if my results are not what should be expected or any changes that I could make would be greatly appreciated.

ARC Results.pdf

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Hi Arry ,

Your center channel has a bump at higher frequencies. Try increasing the ARC correction frequency for center and surrounds to full 20k. Currently It's only correcting up to 5k hz.  That should help reduce the piercing your wife's hearing. If still persistent do the same for your front speakers. Your graphs don't look too bad otherwise. Let us know how you go. Hope this helps.

Cheers ,


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