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Subwoofer to pair with Soundbar

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Hi Everyone 


I'm new and been sort of going through the rabbit hole of this forum for hours as well as reddit.


I have a Yamaha YAS108 / ats-1080 (Costco version) which I actually really like the sound of. It has a sub out and I was wanting to connect a subwoofer either used or new.


I'm in Melbourne Australia so Dayton subs are not available here 


In terms of the subwoofer how much is too much $$ given the basic soundbar setup? Picture of setup attached.


The question is do I go an svs pb-1000 for $900 or is this overkill given the basic tv and soundbar? Do I get a basic 10 inch used Jamo A3sub for $90 as it's more appropriate for a bedroom and already entry level soundbar? Is there another recommendation in between?




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Yes, try a used sub and see how you go.

Your soundbar is no doubt a step up from the TV speakers and even the used Jamo sub you mention will fill out the sound.

The SVS PB 1000 is definitely overkill though.

Maybe something in between would be best.

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