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FS - HiFi Rack “Simon Little” Tri Arbour Cyrus Rack

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Item Condition: Excellent.
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Pakenham
State: VIC
Payment Method: Cash, EFT, Paypal
Reason for selling: Downsizing

For Sale:  Cyrus Tri Arbour HiFi rack,  5 shelf’s. Handcrafted and built by Simon Little in UK who makes these for Cyrus.


American Black Walnut, really beautiful. this was a private commission built for me.  
complete with equipment  isolation and feet spikes for rack isolation.  
This is a bargain for someone at less than half price.  RRP $1235

From Simon Little, the craftsman who made this 


“This is a Hard Rock Maple with a satin black finish.  My black finish is quite special because unlike others who simply apply a black top coat, we first stain the base timber black then once we are happy with that we apply a hard black lacquer over the top. This give a far better and much deeper looking finish. We use Maple for the base on black finishes to provide a very smooth, silk like finish. With the cheaper one coat blacks if they get a knock you see white underneath straight away but with mine the timber underneath is also black. The rack is a real bargain at this price! Again sorry for the description error 100% my bad. Cheers all, Simon”.


it measures  


Width 218mm

Height 80mm

Depth 410mm


the kit that’s in it is. 

W 215mm

H 73mm

D  360mm

Donation to SNA.  




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