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Hi all, having had some StereoNET newsletters for a number of years, I've just registered here to participate in the Forum. 


I've been a very long standing audio fanatic going back to my first real system in the 1970's. And since then a combination of medium and high end both DIY and manufacturers have been part of my many systems. I belong to a HiFi Club in the London area, and we've many man years of system design and manufacture between us, with various experiences in front end (phono and digital), preamps. amps and speakers, having listened to so many combinations. So far despite some of the best digital audio designers in the club and their discrete multibit DAC's providing some stunning sounds (as good as any high end kit available) the best turntable combinations always seems to trump digital!


My own audio consists of manufacturers ranging from British audio like Naim, Music First, Audio Synthesis, ARCAM, B&W Lowther, Garrard, QUAD, SME, etc and other European (French, Swiss, German) companies. Through to Japanese and USA based manufacturers including Yamaha, First Watt, Schiit, JBL, etc. And DIY specialists from all those countries too, where I've made digital front ends, pre and power amps (valve and SS), and various types of speakers. My best systems are those using either Quad electrostatics, large front horns (AER / Lambda ) or NS1000M (DIY active) driven by valve (2A3 / 300B or 45) amps or SIT based SS amps. Generally high efficiency speakers and low powered amps seems to have given me the best sound overall. 


But I'm always open to new changes or approaches to things and apart from the ongoing use of vinyl, my digital is streaming (via TIDAL) or CD's archived to disc I am often making changes to the rest of my system. The bug to improve things never stops it seems!


Kind regards to all, 




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