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March Audio P262 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Item Condition: As New
Shipping Options: Shipping is available at agreed cost.
State: QLD
Payment Method: PayPal, Bank Transfer
Reason for selling: Ex-Review Item

March Audio P262 Stereo Power Amplifier


"March Audio amplifiers feature Purifi class D technology developed by Bruno Putzeys. 

They deliver excellent technical performance with high end subjective audio quality.

They are hand built to the highest precision using only the highest quality components. 

Strict quality control and extensive testing ensure the amplifiers perform as specified and have incredible reliability."


So says Alan March, the Australian (W.A.) based manufacturer of this excellent Class D amplifier.


I have had it for some time, but I will be moving up the March Audio range after I sell this one. 

The unit is in showroom condition, as new. 

White "specks" in the photos are dust on my phone camera lens...too lazy to clean it.


The amplifier is supplied as balanced inputs only, but I have used it successfully with RCA cables and adaptors.

I will supply a pair of cable adaptors (included in price) to the buyer.

I have used this amp with three different pre-amps, line stages.  It seems to work well with all of them, both "economy" and "expensive" (if you know what I mean).


The amp will drive any speaker.  I have tried it with several electrostatics and ribbon hybrids and once with a nominal 4 ohm pair of speakers.  All worked very well, no hint of distressing artefacts (e.g. clipping).  Excellent breadth and depth of sound stage.  Tonality /  Timbre presented accurately.


The user manual is supplied on a metal USB stick, (see photos).


Shipping will be negotiated with buyer, but should not be too high within Australia as the amp is quite light (Class D - no big transformers)






Rated Power:

  • 8 ohms 135 WRMS
  • 4 ohms 265 WRMS
  • 2 ohms 430 WRMS


Current Output: 25 Amps

THD+N  0.00019% / -114dB (at 100 Watts RMS, 4 ohm load)

Output Noise:  18 uV

Signal to Noise Ratio:  125 dB(A)

Output Impedance: 0.0006 ohms @ 1 kHz

Input Impedance:  20 kOhms

Audio Input RF Filter

ETI Research Tellurium Copper Silver Plated Kryo Speaker Binding Posts

12 V Trigger Input

Frequency REsponse: 10Hz to 60kHz (+0/-3dB)

Voltage Gain:  26.5 dB

Dimensions: 360mm (W)x 280mm (D) x 85mm (H)







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I have the P422 (which has a bit more juice than this model) and have been really pleased with it. 

These are great looking units that mesh really nicely with modern or more classically-styled systems and can power just about any speaker. 

I think I paid $40 for insured postage from QLD to VIC for mine. GLWTS

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