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FS: (MEL) Wharfedale Diamond 159 Speakers

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Item Condition: AS NEW
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Dingley Village
State: VIC
Payment Method: Paypal, EFT, Cash on Pickup
Reason for selling: NLR

Further information:


These are brand new with all accessories. Never used except to hook them up to confirm all working. They look and sound sensational.


The photos are timestamped "2021" when they were at my sister's house in Brisbane and she took photos for me. I have now had them shipped to Melbourne. The speakers have never been used.


They are offered in unmarked black finish.


These speakers were the top of the range in the 100 series and received rave reviews when released a few years back. I have no doubt the new owner will be very pleased with them.


Australian RRP upon release was approximately $2900.


From Audio Visual online (UK) https://www.audiovisualonline.co.uk/product/5808/wharfedale-diamond-159-blackwood-floorstanding-speaker-pair/


The flagship Wharfedale Diamond 159 is a giant amongst floorstanding speakers and part of the new generation of Diamond speakers, replacing the older Diamond 10 series. With each speaker weighing in at just over 30kg each, lovers of rich, deep bass-heavy soundtracks will be quickly won over by this stunning speaker.

It's the kind of loudspeaker boundary-pushing and physics-changing philosophy which has kept Wharfedale top of the UK tree and the Diamond 159 is a fine example of this. Wharfedale took the already impressive Diamond 10 series and deconstructed it to create this 11th generation of speaker. In went woven kevlar bass drivers, ribbed for extra strength giving you much more consistency and precision in audio reproduction. The Diamond 159 possesses a much wider soundstage giving individual instruments their own space to perform.


With the unique bass reflex port system, Wharefdale had a total rethink which is about as out of the box as you're ever likely to see in a speaker design. The Diamond 159 features a brand new style of bass reflex porting. When normally positioned on the rear or front of the speaker the Diamond 159 instead ports the bass, well, down at the base! An integral plinth 'lifts' the speaker meaning the speaker is both easier to position in a room with no walls to take into account, and bass output is made more efficient. It's a groundbreaking redesign which breathes new life into an old concept.


Wharfedale Diamond 159 Speaker, Wharfedale’s Diamond series has a long history of achievement. The first Diamond was born in 1982 - in a rear-ported cabinet of just over 5 litres were fitted a 19mm dome tweeter and 120mm long throw, polypropylene bass/mid driver. The crossover was simple but highly effective. This product took the industry by storm. The small cabinet and impeccable stereo image meant the Diamond quickly became a best-seller and a permanent fixture in the Wharfedale product range. Since then every new range of Wharfedale Diamond Series has been a best seller.

Driver Performance 

As you would expect from a series of this stature, the Diamond 100 is bang up to date in terms of technology and performance. Foremost in the design criteria for Diamond 100 is the ongoing research into loudspeaker driver sound quality. To that end, the famous Wharfedale Woven Kevlar cone was put under the technology spotlight and given a new profile based on the research originally carried out for the high-end Jade range. Incorporated in the low frequency and midrange cones are semi-elliptical ‘break-up’ areas which smooth the response throughout the audible range. In addition, each surround is treated to match the cone edge with a unique ‘Diamond Pattern’ moulding. Finally, the dust cap is blended and treated to provide a smooth transition and perfect acoustic match to the treble unit. The treble unit chosen for Diamond 100 came under equal scrutiny during development. As well as selecting a sheer fabric dome and advanced ferrite magnet system, the dome is surrounded by a carefully crafted waveguide that encourages outstanding midrange performance.


Combining the drivers is a crossover developed using Wharfedale’s latest ‘Virtual Speaker ’ software. Techniques developed in-house allow the final loudspeaker to be simulated and fully analysed even before a prototype is played for the first time. This simulation accommodates driver performance and cabinet construction, as well as room placement, to make sure that both on-axis and off-axis performance over a wide listening area is fully optimized.

Cabinet Design 

Naturally, cabinet design was not forgotten in amongst all the other technology. Rectilinear cabinet shapes were chosen to maximize the internal volume and provide the deepest, most extended bass response. Again the research from the high-end Jade series was incorporated to elicit the latest advance in loudspeaker reflex loading – the Slot-Loaded Distributed Port. Exiting at the base of the speaker cabinet, the reflex port is loaded by a slot created by the plinth. This equalizes the air pressure to mimic that inside the cabinet allowing smooth transition between the pressure variation in the cabinet and the low frequency sound developed in the room. Cabinet walls and internal bracing were also incorporated in the ‘Virtual Speaker’ model, with the help of Delayed Cumulative Spectral Analysis that ruthlessly reveals panel coloration in all its forms. Using this technique Wharfedale engineers formulated a cabinet panel construction of multigrain faceted boards bonded together to damp annoying High-Q resonances and block internal sound leakage. The effect is that the ‘noise’ from cabinet walls is buried more than 35dB below the driver output. In Diamond 100 all you hear is crystal clear music from the drive units without any attendant coloration from the cabinet. Again computer analysis helped refine this novel technique, but the result is an audibly superior bass performance of great articulation and clarity.

The Real Test 

That doesn’t mean that Diamond 100 is purely a computer design, clever though that might be. This ‘Virtual Speaker’ is simply a tool that allows the Wharfedale engineers to explore all facets of the loudspeaker ’s performance before starting listening tests. In the final evaluation weeks are spent fine tuning the acoustic performance using a wide variety of music in Wharfedale’s five listening rooms, each of which mimics the kind of domestic environments the Diamond Series are likely to be used in. Only when the acoustic tests are deemed truly satisfying are the loudspeaker designs signed-off for production, ensuring that each speaker model fulfills its eventual owner’s dreams of musically enjoyable reproduction from Britain’s Most Famous Loudspeakers.















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