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Subwoofers in series

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Gday! I've currently got 2 passive subwoofers, one has two 12" drivers and the other is a Krix seismix 3 mk5 with 11" 4ohm woofer i've converted to passive by bypassing the amp.
Currently using an S200w  which is driving each unit nicely.

I plan on using these in an outdoor setting inside a very large shed placed behind two Outdoor speakers on stands. 

My question: Does anyone have experience wiring subwoofers in series and what was the purpose and result, Cheers! 

If you have any information you feel might be helpful please feel free to let me know! Thanks 🙂 

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First of all the S200w amp you linked to is safe for 4ohm loads, and you want to connect your "Krix seismix 3 mk5 with 11" 4ohm woofer" and your other passive sub to this amp...with the Krix already at the lower limit of impedance for your amp.


Any parallel connection will always have a lower impedance than either sub - so you risk running the amp into overload trying to deliver the current required.

Say each speaker is 4 ohms impedance - connected in parallel the amp will see an impedance of 2ohms. 

If your amp is only rated for a 4ohm load this could push your amp into current limiting (ie the amp can't deliver sufficient current into a 2ohm load whilst maintaining a constant voltage)


Running them in series will be fine - the amp will see a higher impedance (both speaker impedances will add together) - you won't risk the amp trying to deliver more current than its able to... 

...you'll likely have to crank up the volume on the S200w amp, but it won't go into current limiting!



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Thanks for your reply almikel, Mike. 🙂 

Keen to give this a try, in theory I was pretty certain it'd be fine but makes the difference to me being reassured.  

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