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Gale Gold Monitor MK2 Quality Loudspeakers

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Stanwell Park
State: NSW
Payment Method: EFT, Cash on Pickup
Reason for selling: Too many speakers

IMG_0363.thumb.jpeg.33808b119891c68c06d7dbf8d51cc4df.jpegIMG_0367.thumb.jpeg.2b6cca0c8e5fe114ccfd170debb2a99e.jpegIMG_0366.thumb.jpeg.b7cdfce57ad02faaa37f3565e32ff4a2.jpegIMG_0365.thumb.jpeg.918f4f7ffec5783182b7a1545f0eac57.jpegIMG_0364.thumb.jpeg.9712c13fb5165a90c8f97ed92f83d89f.jpegIMG_0357.thumb.jpeg.44884e3a31eaaf510674b3de848b8f2c.jpegIMG_0358.thumb.jpeg.04531cc5659c33822ba8b859af6c9fb5.jpegIMG_0360.thumb.jpeg.09c25aaead5986ee24fa7396c5d51b4c.jpegIMG_0361.thumb.jpeg.144f715d216bd8c0d19c2d47fcdedaea.jpegIMG_0362.thumb.jpeg.23a415773bb6a334f6ec3d022cf4e0a6.jpegFurther Information: 

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3 minutes ago, kefacurus said:

These look great- Gale know how to voice a speaker.


They do look nice and would be great for a starter system or desktop. Good value as well.


Just one thing though, these are not made by the company who made the legendary GS 401 and others.

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