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XLR and RCA connection query for power amp.

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I have a Mytek Brooklyn power amp which has inputs for both XLR and RCA. 

Mytek strongly advise that you cannot connect cables to XLR and RCA inputs at the same time as it could damage the power amp. So is it ok to have both types of cables plugged in to the outputs on the back of the source component (a CXN100 which is a Streamer/DAC/Preamp) as long as only the input plug to be used is plugged in to the power amp at any given time, and the other input plug that is not being used is not connected to the power amp and lying idle? The reason I ask is because the way my equipment is situated in the hifi cabinet it is quite hard to attach and detach cables without having to power off some equipment and remove out the cabinet to allow easy access to the back of the units, so if I could just leave both sets of cables attached to the outputs of the CXN100 but only one set of  input cables plugged in it would be so much more easy for me logistically to connect cables to the power amp.

I presume that having both sets of cables physically attached to the outputs of the CXN100, but only one set physically attached  to the power amp would not cause any damage to the CXN100, or even degrade the signal from the CXN100 to the power amp?


I could go in to a lot more detail about why I want to have the option of using either cable at different times but it would be extremely boring for everyone!! I will do so though if it helps make my question clearer. 



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There will be no problem having unused cables connected at your source end.


However it is safer to power off the power amp and let its capacitors discharge before fiddling with connections.

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