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Bluesound in Austin

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Hi I can’t help but Bluesound have an excellent forum for posting queries - I’d suggest looking up their website and asking for advice 

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Welcome to SNA, That Girl.

A quick google search suggests that your Bluesound speakers have been coated with a rubberised non-slip paint that has become sticky over time.  It is a design flaw with the paint finish.  A very nice idea but it comes with a time-bomb!


I've  not had any contact with the Bluesound speakers, but it seems like they have been finished with a similar coating that some of my torches were covered with.  Not all of the torches with this finish has gone sticky, there must be variations in the batches of paint that make it more or less prone to going bad.  Absolutely horrible when it goes sticky!


My research concluded that the only thing that can be done to fix it is to remove the coating.  For my torches it took a lot of rubbing with a cloth with iso alcohol or metho spirits (I think it's called something different in the US).  After removal of the coating my torches have been left with the underlying black plastic, which doesn't look great, but they are only torches so it's liveable.  You might consider spray-painting over the base plastic of your speakers after removing the rubber so it looks good.  Of course, any writing printed on the rubber will be lost when the coating is removed. 


If it's any consolation I have a high-end turntable that was finished with a popular suede-finish paint that was popular at the time, but had a similar design flaw that made a nice finish go horrible with time (at least it didn't go sticky).  I will avoid buying anything with that rubberised finish. 



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