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Ultimate stars Dual AK4495 384KHz 32Bit DSD DAC

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Item Condition: Great
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Perth
State: WA
Payment Method: Paypal - EFT
Reason for selling: Excess dacs

Further Information:  


Bought recently to match with my war audio digital transport but I simply have too much stuff. But works very well with the transport.


WAR audio transport for sale in seperate advert. DAC is the bottom item in picture.


Dual AK4495 384KHz 32Bit DSD DAC by Ultimate Stars


TEXT and images Below From original owner. thanks you- Borrowed his images on different filter settings.


Here is a dual AK4495 DAC recommended to the original owner by SNAmember @Ozcall (RIP) who fitted Burson opamps into the DAC.

I had been interested in the work that @Ozcall had been doing, building and modding gear, and was aware of his great reputation on SNA with his innovative ways of seeking out great sounds. When I saw this DAC for sale with his fingerprints on it I couldn't resist.


This was in my main system for some time and I got a lot of pleasure out of it. I love the options of the various filters to get the most out of different genres and tracks, as well as the ability to play high res music up to 384KHz/32BIT and DSD64 and DSD128. Recently however, I have been focussing on Philips based TDA1541 and TDA1540 DACs so am considering moving this one on to a new person.

I tested all inputs and settings prior to posting for sale. It sounds fantastic with 44.1K, and high res sounds incredible. I ripped some of my vinyl to 192K/32BIT to listen via roon when ease is key (call me crazy), and listening to it through this DAC. I was really surprised at how much warmth, detail and similarity to the analogue original came across, not to mention other high res tracks sounding amazing.


Input Support:

Coaxial: 44.1K-192K 24BIT

Fiber(Optical): 44.1K-192K 24BIT

USB (XMOS XU208 card): 44.1K-384K 32BIT / DSD64, DSD128


NB: similar looking pics below show different input, resolution and filter settings 









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