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Silver Ribbon Speaker cables 2.5m with bananas (Perth )

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Item Condition: Very Good
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Morley
State: WA
Payment Method: Cash, EFT , paypal
Reason for selling: Tidy up , raise funds

Further Information: 


okay, another speaker cable from the dungeon aka hall cupboard, to clear out the speaker cable collection and raise some money for some….more speaker

cables yaaaay 🤪

bought these off the net and that is exactly what you get Silver/copper ribbon speaker cable with bananas. Obviously inspired by some company starting with N, but at least they didn’t label them as such. Construction is pretty good with the jacket and dialectic being quite thick and less flexible than it looks ( if that makes sense)  the bananas seem good and well attached to the actual cable. 

soundwise they seemed pretty good for what they are, not overly bright and the bass didn’t seem lacking.  Can’t say I plugged them and went urrghh! 


fun cable for a fun price 😁


cheers dave






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