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Kef Concerto vintage speakers made in UK

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Item Condition: Good
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Coburg North
State: VIC
Payment Method: Cash on pickup
Reason for selling: Not longer needed

Further Information


Selling my pair of vintage Kef Concerto with factory cabinets made in UK. I refurbished the crossovers with quality poly caps and they sound super sweet now. Drivers are all in great working order,  cabinets aren't perfect and could (or not) use a refinish. I also have the 2 original front covers. The drivers alone would cost you wayy more to purchase separately. Stands are not included. Cash on pickup from Coburg North.






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Hi Guys,


I am so guilty of chasing the ultimate sound system and I've spent some serious amount of money over the years on hifi. I wish I'd stayed with my old Monitor Audio RM352's and just got a better turntable and amplifier. I now just listen to female audiophile jazz music as my music doesn't sound any good on my system.


Seriously, for the price you can't do much better than these old vintage Kef speakers. GLWTS.

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51 minutes ago, Rod Gittos said:

old Monitor Audio RM352

Funny, I lived in  household that had these speakers. They sounded very good, especially compared to my Monitor Audio MA83's. But then I bought some Spendor's....and that is another story...

But then, the Kef's  here, were something special too. .  GLWS

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According to Google the KEF Concerto was first released in 1969......be nice to refurbish these 55 year olds and restore them to their glory. KEF sold the Concerto until 1977 and all sorts of  variants were offered in those years. Over the years there has been huge interest in owning and refurbishing the Concerto. Apparently they were mounted on 30cm high stands but no pictures to be found if you wanted to make replicas of the original stand (s).

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My pair for sale has a fully recapped crossover which just elevates these speakers imho. They are quite picky about the amplifier linked, it os not necessarily a matter of power, as a puny rotel ra10 drives them quite well. I believe it is a matter of timbre, my previous pair of concerto's, exactly like this one, had great synergy with an old Creek cas4040 s3, it was just right. I believe they may prefer a leaner, cooler amp to drive them. I am sure there are several dimensions in which the kef fall short compared to more modern speakers, but I just appreciate their onesty, garbage in, garbage out.

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