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Sub amp suggestions??

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Hey guys, got a sub amp issue.


I have 2 Klipsch R112-SW 12" subs which I'm happy with, well up to recently. The plate amps went to amp gods in the sky. 

I've never been happy with the idea of plate amps being thumped by all the bass. And the circuit gets warm on standby with no air moving in the cabs.

I can put more money into repairing the plate amps or I could just get a sub amp.

My HT receiver does pretty good on the other speakers so don't need a multi channel amp. It has 2 sub outs.


Ideally the sub power amp would be 100-300watt stereo 4 ohm. D class would work fine for subs. Black face would be nice. 


Any suggestions on what might fit?

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I agree with @Grizaudio on the Crown option. I've paired mine with a Behringer Ultradrive Pro DCX2496. They are all commercial grade equipment that can give you great control and can be easily scaled up.

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