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Gryphon Atlantis Loudspeaker.

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Item Condition: Very good
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Mandurah
State: WA
Payment Method: Cash
Reason for selling: Going active

Further Information


Recently purchased from eagkeeyes and haven’t been used since purchase. A change in direction results in someone getting a bargain 


Gryphon Atlantis speakers in truly very good condition.


The finish is a high gloss paint black and reflects anything and everything but are in very good condition. A couple of tiny marks on rear of one and one tiny one on top rear edge. Couple of strings on front sides a bit loose. You have to look hard to see them. Can supply close up photos if required, no boxes but can be sent by pack and send for a fee. Local pick up easy, 85 kilos each so bring a mate and a van. Moved into garage to sell so excuse photos and backgrounds.  Can be set up to be auditioned. RRP 45000 Approx.



Gryphon Atlantis Reference Standard Loudspeaker System


Atlantis – Fabled island with advanced technologies given by the sea god Poseidon to his mortal wife



? System response 25 Hz – 32 kHz, -3 dB (depending on room size)

? On-axis, time-aligned front baffle curvature for identical arrival time from all drivers at the listening posi- tion

? Special cone surround termination to eliminate edge reflections

? Hand-adjusted passive crossover network

? Battery-powered bias for selected crossover capacitors

? Accuton 30mm concave ceramic tweeter loaded with proprietary Gryphon wave guide

? Reinforced enclosures with exten- sive internal bracing

? Custom made Danish 8” woofer and 5” midrange drive units

? Combination of pure wool and syn- thetic interior damping materials

? Stylish string grille for driver protec- tion

? Three-way loudspeaker system 

? Duelund Constant Phase crossover for perfect phase at all frequencies at all times

? Designed and hand-built in Denmark



Let’s start by making one thing per- fectly clear. There is no such beast as the “best loudspeaker in the world.” There is, and can only be, the best loudspeaker in a given listening room. Unfortunately, this is a truth almost

universally ignored by music enthusi- asts, loudspeaker designers and audio reviewers alike.

Among the many critical factors in the loudspeaker-room equation are the size of the listening space in all three dimensions and the distance from the loudspeakers to each other, to the wall behind them, to the listening posi- tion and the wall behind it and to the side walls.

However logical and obvious this may

seem, even the most cursory exami- nation of the loudspeaker market will demonstrate that designers tend not to create a loudspeaker range based on the need to accommodate various room sizes, but based on their own narrow need to reach specific price points by scaling down size, parts quality and – inevitably – perform- ance.

As has been the case for more than 20 years with our acclaimed series of amplification electronics and digital

source components, Gryphon Audio Designs takes a radically different approach to loudspeaker design, each model being carefully scaled to a specified interval of room dimen- sions and optimized to deliver the finest possible music reproduction in an appropriately sized space.

The impact that this approach has on the real-world, in-room listening expe- rience is a large part of what sets Gryphon Audio Designs a cut above the rest.

A Worthy Heir

Introducing a successor to the leg- endary Gryphon Cantata was not a step to be taken lightly. But with the development of the right tools and components and, above all, the enlightenment and inspiration of the Poseidon and Trident design experi- ence, the time has finally come.

Drawing on proprietary, innovative technologies developed in connection with the famed Gryphon Poseidon and Trident loudspeakers, Gryphon Atlantis now takes its proud place in our line-up. By popular demand, Atlantis brings the legendary Gryphon musical experience to rooms of slight- ly more modest proportions while maintaining the same exceptional standards of musicality, build quality and stylish design.

Crucially, like every Gryphon loud- speaker ever built beginning with the groundbreaking Cantata, the Gryphon Atlantis maintains perfect phase at all frequencies at all times. This unique characteristic ensures the integrity

and purity of the audio signal, provid- ing new levels of insight into the rhyth- mic, melodic and harmonic elements that are the building blocks of music.

From its very earliest public appear- ances, experts and enthusiasts have agreed on the exceptional musicality of the Gryphon Atlantis: “With what I heard today from this entry-level Gryphon system, I know I could live happily ever after without thinking about another upgrade” (Soundstage USA, Munich High End show report).



A Firm Grip on Reality

The lineage of the Gryphon Atlantis is immediately apparent in the concave curved front that carefully positions the five drive units to create a direct angled, time-aligned system with identical distance from the acoustic center of each driver to the listener.


The Atlantis enclosures incorporate massive internal bracing and are filled with a combination of natural and syn- thetic damping materials to create an ideal, inert platform for the drivers and crossover. Considerable care has gone into the contouring of the baffle and driver surrounds to eliminate dif- fraction.

The substantial feet provide a rock- solid foundation that lends the Atlantis system a firm grip on musical reality.

Like all Gryphon loudspeakers, Atlantis is available in a wide range of custom finish options.


Exclusive Danish Drivers

The cone drivers are custom designed for low Q and minimal dynamic compression to our exacting specifications by an internationally respected Danish driver manufactur- er. The tightly focused, ultra-linear triple-magnet system of the dual 5” midrange drivers ensures total control of cone motion. Specially developed surrounds match the geometry of the driver diaphragm and the fiberglass cone material is layer damped. Dust caps are non-deformable, low-mass and highly rigid.


The dual 8” bass units are specially developed to optimize bass quality and quantity in the precision-tuned reflex chamber that allows the drivers to achieve levels of bass extension and power normally found only in much larger systems.


Ceramic High Frequency Driver

The Thiel Accuton high efficiency, fer- rofluid filled high frequency unit incor- porates a 30 mm low mass concave dome made from an ultra-hard ceram- ic material with outstanding acoustic properties and ideal pistonic motion well above the audible frequency band.

The drive unit’s extremely high inter- nal sound velocity ensures very low distortion and virtually no coloration. The low resonance frequency allows a crossover frequency as low as 1.7 kHz for seamless integration with the Atlantis system’s high performance cone drivers. With very high resolu- tion and excellent dispersion up to 32 kHz, the ceramic driver’s high

frequency contribution ensures that the sparkle and vitality of the original performance is conveyed naturally and realistically in your listening room.


Battery-Biased Crossover

Assembled from the finest high cur- rent, low-loss components carefully selected for their sonic and electrical characteristics, the hand-adjusted Atlantis crossover network incorpo- rates the finest available foil capaci- tors and low distortion, low saturation inductors with negligible DC resist- ance.

The electrolytic capacitors in the impedance correction circuit are pre- biased to maintain a constant charge in order to eliminate crossover distor- tion at zero electric potential, resulting in audibly enhanced stability and sub- stantial gains in body, timbral color and image coherence. Operating the battery-biased crossover in “Class A” mode ensures a smoother, more rich- ly detailed three-dimensional presen- tation.


The crossover connects to a power amplifier via custom designed Gryphon screw terminals that ensure a tight and durable electrical contact.


A Guided Tour of Atlantis

Living up to its namesake, the fabled lost city, the Gryphon Atlantis is host to far-reaching, advanced technolo- gies, hand-crafted from the finest materials and assembled with unswerving dedication and attention to detail. Gryphon Atlantis offers low- level dynamic resolution, superior transient articulation and bass weight that enhance the involvement and realism of any musical source.


Gryphon Audio Designs

Industrivej 9
8680 Ry, Denmark email@gryphon-audio.dk



A quote from a previous owner of a pair of Gryphon Atlantis speakers in OZ and very well known SNA member (audio novice) thanks J.




These are my favourite speakers . I love them and could easily finish and settle with the atlantis  


These speakers love! Love their own Amps for maximum enjoyment and synergy.  Coupled with a very refined sounding source,  dac, analog etc you will be in audio heaven. Bass extension is inherently room dependant.  Meaning some rooms will allow for incredibly deep bass. They also need correct footers under the speaker or the mids can get a touch muddy . Once implemented correctly,  you have a balanced and transparent speakers to enjoy for many years











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