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Hi from Sydney City

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Hi All, 

Appreciate this forum as I get back in to Hi-Fi after a decade with no appropriate listening space. 
I’m a musician and grew up tinkering with hifi, then bought my first decent hifi (Harmon-kardon + paradigm) in the 90’s from Len Wallis, amassed a huge collection of CD’s and then lived an itinerant lifestyle without any real dedicated HiFi listening space, but always listening on studio monitors (dynaudio/Genelec/JBL) in my workspace. 

Now I have the space at home I’ve set up a hifi again with Rotel pre/power and rega TT and bluesound node/SB/SW, and I’m coming to terms with how to consume music like a modern man.. NAS, streaming.. mqa.. but find myself wanting that satisfaction I got back when I owned 10CDs total, listened to them thousands of times intently and poured over the liner notes. 

I listen to many genres, especially modern and classic jazz, post rock, symphonic music and soul R&B music.


While I do love the gear, I mostly look forward to reading discussions on HOW people access music and what formats give them greatest joy from music.  


ps my album recommendation this week is Aaron Parks “little big 2, dreams of a mechanical man”

Check it out!

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Hi Pete,


Welcome to StereoNET. Thanks for the intro 😀 An album recommendation in your first post is awesome - for some of us it really is all about the music.


I grew up on the North Shore of Sydney and bought my first system (probably with my first few pay checks) from Tony at Milverson Sound in Lindfield ... Marantz CD, ME Pre & Power with JBL's - man I was so happy. Some years later, as I had foolishly sold my ME's and JBL's, I bought a new amp again from Tony but he was now at Len Wallis - probably just after they had moved to their current location. That system stayed the same for probably 25 years, I enjoyed it immensely and often.


A couple of years ago, with more funds available for a 'hobby' and in a house I expect to remain in for many years to come, I needed my amp repaired which led me to meet a guy who made speakers and I found myself on a journey to building a new and much better system.


I won't bang on about my system as what drew me to posting a lengthy reply is when you said "how to consume music like a modern man". The single biggest joy from the past couple of years has been access to the insanely massive quantity of awesome music that the digital world delivers. I listen to more new artists, different genres almost daily than I ever thought was even possible. I am a collector, I have always enjoyed possessing the physical item ... mostly CD's for music, and NEVER thought I'd move away from that. A guy in a HiFi store mentioned streaming and said that once I gave it a try it would change me - I dismissed it completely. Well here I am a couple of years down the track with no turntable or CD player (except in cupboard storage 'cause collectors can't sell stuff!!) getting more musical enjoyment in my life than ever before and it's all digital.


The Qobuz streaming platform is the bomb !!! brilliant quality, massive library AND I can buy / download music I want to own forever (which satisfies 'the collector') if I hear something I like. I stream to explore and have my whole collection on a streamer hard drive.


So if you've read this far I'll make it worthwhile ... in gratitude for your album recommendation (already added to my 'new music' list on my server / streamer) here's a couple for you


Thomas Enhco - Jack & John

Nicolas Parent Trio - Tori

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - I Told You So


Enjoy the forums 


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