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Before I start to describe the Found Sound Davio Dac,I would like to mention I'am not associated with the company or being paid for these comments.

Found Sound Audio is a company in Poland and I contacted the owner (Jacek) through the Found Sound website.Questions were promptly answered which is comforting for me when considering a purchase overseas.

I always had been curious about multibit Dacs and when I read a very favourable review by a purchaser on the Davio,I took the chance.


The comments here relate to the Davio with the tube rectified version not the solid state version available.


BUILD:The build is solid with front and rear metal plates,the finish of the front plate compliments the rest of the Dac. Elegant and purposeful.


TREBLE:Not rolled off and highs reach up if required,no siblance here.


MIDS:Human voices sound natural best described as organic.


BASS:Reaches down but at the same time musical only limitation here will be how low your speakers/headphones can go.


After listening to ESS Sabre,Delta Sigma and PCM 1704 chip Dacs,Davio is right up there with some of the best I have had. It has a big sound stage seemly with anything its connected with but at the same time detailed and organic no matter what genre of music.

Anyone considering a multibit Dac  or a new Dac should consider the Davio and contact Jacek on the Found Sound website






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