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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Warkworth
State: NZ
Payment Method: Paypal or EFT
Reason for selling: Downsizing

Further Information

Denon 103 with Mahogany woody body and recently back from Soundsmith in the US with a new Ruby Cantilever with Nude Contact Line Diamond fitted. This cartridge has not been used since coming back from Soundsmith. It was checked over by Soundsmith and the suspension etc was given a clean bill of health before they undertook their works (emails from SS can be provided confirming the inspection and work done). 


The wood body came from a German manufacture and is beautifully made (cost approx. $100). The Soundsmith upgrades cost $570 including shipping and there was a 3 month wait as they are super busy. A new Denon 103 retails for $480. So total cosy of approximately $1150.


I’ve previously had both a 103 and 103R with these same upgrades and they are stunning and are a big improvement over the already wonderful 103 and 103R. There is plenty of reading on the internet regarding the woody body modification and Soundsmith work.


Type: Moving coil (MC)
Output: 0.3 mV
Channel Balance: 1dB Max. (1kHz)
Channel Separation: 25 dB Min. (1 kHz)
Output Impedance: 40 ohms
Suggested Loading: 100 ohms min.
Stylus: 16.5 Micron round tip
Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 45 kHz
Tracking Force: 2.5g ± 0.2g (2.3~2.7g)
Compliance 5 x 10-6 cm/dyne













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Hello friends

I have a scheu TT, with a Origin Tone arm, My Sumiko cartridge, needs to replaced !!, I have emailed Origin, to see if it is suitable, for the arm!!, I had a few years ago, a Zu 103, that sounded great on a different rig!!

My main music is heavy blues, and rock!!

Friend whats your thoughts??

Regards Grippy

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Hi Grippy

The 103 wood body should work great with the Origin tonearm and that type of music. Its got lots of punch.

I can't think of any cartridge that would be even close for the same cost.


The ZU I also have listed is better again as another option.





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Hello Friend

I wish to buy!!, I sent a respond, to your add, but because, I had, my phone number, I was told, I can't do this!!

I'm waiting for a reply, from Origin, as regards to suitable for the arm!! the , other alternative is to buy the Scheu Prermier   MK 2 tone arm, for Scheu as I believe this is a great match for the denon 103, from reviews!!, any chance of saving this to me??, till I hear back from Origin, my be a few days??

Your Thoughts



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8 hours ago, Grippy said:

Im going to bed!!

Hope to hear from you tomorrow??


Hi Grippy


You can pay via bank transfer of paypal.

Shipping should be no more than $25 if you are in Australian so a total of $625.


Let me know how you would like to pay.





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Hello Friend

I have just come back home, I found a PM, from someone that I don't know, regards a person called mr saunders, I don't know, this person!!

I still want to buy the cartridge!!

Friend, can you send me a close up of the cartridge tip??



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Hi Grippy 


That might have been someone from Stereonet as I saw that put a post on PM.

I can try and get a closeup of the tip but I don't think my camera is good enough. However, the cantiliver and stylus are brand new and unused.

Would you be paying by bank transfer or paypal?

And are you in Australia?

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