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First stereo amp

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Hi all I am a newbie to all of this 

I am in my first year of my first set up 

Original we started a home theater set up 

With the thought it wold be used 80 % for movies and 20 % for music 

Now it turns out I have got back into my music much more since having this set up 

And it is now 80% for the music so I am now insearch of a stereo amplifier 

My max budget is 2000 pounds uk


Curent set up is

Merantz cinema 70

Dali oberon 5  

Dali vocal

Dali rears

Svs sub

Eversolo a6 streamer 


The new stereo amp will be conected to the av 

And the streamer 

Using the dali oberon 5 

Untill I can afford to upgrade my floor standing speakers 


So any advice or recommendations on a stereo amp for my budget would be much appreciated. 


I only want new not interested in second hand 


Thanks jason 

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If you are not wedded to the Eversolo, suggest looking at NAD M10 V2, Cambridge Audio EVO 150.  The NAD has also Dirac Live room correction.

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So you are looking for a stereo power amp and will fed it from the pre outs of the AVR?


Maybe shop around and see if you can get a Musical Fidelity M6SPRX Power Amplifier close to your budget.

Edit: try and get one for audition in your system.

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No knowledge of these but in the words of a reviewer theese dont sound like bad options.


The Oberons will sound perfectly acceptable with good budget electronics such as the Marantz PM6006UK amplifier and partnering CD player, but feed them with something more ambitious, such as the Rega Elex-R or even Moon’s 240i, and they shine accordingly.

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