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SuBsonic Home Theatre Speakers with active subs

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Item Condition: good but see notes
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Baulkham Hills
State: NSW
Payment Method: EFT, cash
Reason for selling: downsizing

Further Information

The Fusion Three home theatre speaker system was designed by Ralph Waters of Richter fame, with an inbuilt amplifier for the three subs by Graham Dinning. The set retailed at about $7k back in the late 1990s.

The front Right (main), Centre and Left (slave) all have 8" subs inbuilt. The Main speaker has the sub amplifier inbuilt to run the three subs.

I bought this set years ago and had the mains filter caps done as it was making that foghorn sound. Worked very well in my home theatre for years, sort of a poor man's Krix in terms of impact.

I did offer them for sale a couple of times without success. Too big?


Sad story: the amplifier has now gone silent, and I'm not inclined to pursue what the fault at this time as I have been building my own speakers and am thinking about going for something smaller anyway.

I have the manufacturers copious circuit diagrams, and a competent  tech will be able to get the amp going again.


What you get: Five speakers, front and back pairs are floor standing, centre is a large one. Drivers are mostly Audax. High quality cabling to the front three is included, with Neutrik plugs. Rears can be run on any cable that suits your room size as they run directly from the AV receiver that you are using. 

Graham Dinning's circuit diagrams will be offered to the buyer. So that's basically five nice Audax speakers and three inbuilt 8" sub drivers for $550 - and it can be run right now without further fiddling simply by running a powered sub off the receiver - the five Audax two-way speakers will run as is without the inbuilt sub amp being touched.


I can demonstrate them here as things stand, to show that they work just fine. But this offer will have to be modified as and when I slot in my own speakers to the home theatre setup.

After that I might be able to bring them to you, depends where you are - if too far away might be at extra cost.

Freight is fraught! I'd need large boxes for that, and freight costs are uppish these days.







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