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Tannoy HPD|315/8 studio monitor speakers

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Watson
State: ACT
Payment Method: What ever
Reason for selling: Too big for next house

Mind blowing sound and a great investment.


people will quibble over which is better gold lsu or hpds. I think they are just different. There is a priceless review on Audiogon, I think, where a long time LSU golds owner compares the 2 and decides, no the hpds are good but the LSUs just come out ahead. 
then a week later he’s back… ( paraphrasing) i take it back 

I’ve been listening for a week and now I prefer the hpds


These are 12” hpd drivers in original Tannoy sealed cabinets. They are 92 fb efficient. I had no trouble driving them with my single ended 10 watt amps. 

they have that beautiful full range sound and are innnear perfect condition-tear in the cover is the only flaw and is an easy fix 
I bought these last year as my forever speakers. I just love the sound and of course you never loose on these, look at how Tannoy prices have moved in the last 25 years . 


These weigh 66 lbs each. I can’t pack them myself ( I’m not downsizing for fun ) .

We can arrange for pack and send to pick up and pack. Or you can come and get them. I mean a huge proportion of Australia’s population live within a few hundred kilometres of me, and Autumn is a great time to visit the capital region 

 good news- an audio buddy here has offered to assist with packing so that will bring the shipping cost down significantly 














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