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Looking to buy some Super Audio CD’s

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Item Condition: Very good
Shipping Options: Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Casino
State: NSW
Payment Method: Cash
Reason for selling: Wanting to Buy

Good evening. I have just inherited a Marantz DV12s2 which will play Super Audio CD’s. I don’t actually even own one let alone know what the differences in sound to redbook. I have MS, so my music room is certainly my pain sanctuary. Music is the best medicine I know of. 
If you have a few Super Audio CD’s that you would like to sell, if you’re not listening to them anymore. I would be happy to buy them at a mutually agreed price. 
Look forward to some reply’s.😊

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My best source of SACD's is A&E Records based in Hong Kong (www.aerecordshk.com) postage costs to Australia are reasonable and very reliable. Within Australia try Birdland Records and Audiophile Reference Recordings. have a huge range As to the sound difference between the standard CD and an SACD.....that depends a lot on your disc player........lucky for you you have a very good one.



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hi Alma
what kind of music are you into,it might help others who may have some sacd discs that they may want to move on.

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