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Hello all, I'm an analogue addict who has happily survived for many years with a mid-1980s system comprising a classic NAD 3020b amp, NAD 5120 turntable, NAD C515BEE CD player, NAD 4020B stereo tuner, and B&W DM 110i bookshelf speakers. Over the years I have also accumulated a number of other hifi components from Rotel, Technics and Sony, but they have largely remained in their boxes.


Now that I've retired and have more listening time on my hands (but probably and regrettably creeping hearing loss...), I'm in the process of upgrading to a mid-range 'stereophile' system, starting with a Naim Nait XS3 amp and a Rega Planar 3 turntable.


Now I'm looking for speakers for a complex/unusual listening space (a narrow, long and split level room/s -- see attached pic taken from where the speakers will be located/facing, but with central furniture of table/chairs removed). I'll probably get standmounters (although I have been considering Spendor A7 floorstanders), at this stage I like either Dynaudio Special Forty or Contour 20i speakers. Spendor 4/5s are also a possibility and I love Harbeths, but they're too big for the available space.


So I've joined the Stereonet community to read up on member posts, garner any useful info I can find,  and will gratefully receive any suggestions or recommendations from others.


Thanks and look forward to some interaction!



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