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Designing a crossover in minidsp for Martion Bullfrogs


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This is diy adjacent...but I guess that this part of the forum has the best expertise in this area.  I am seeking some help for the crossover settings for my speakers.


I have a pair of martion bullfrogs that came from the manufacturer as 2way active, powered by a dbx360, and a customised IMG stageline power amp with 2x10w amps for hf and 2x350w for lf. 

At some point the dbx was swapped for a minidsp. The config files are gone, but a very helpful former owner noted down some parameters:


BASS 200hz LR12db +0db

HORN 730hz LR24db -9db



1500 -5.2db Q1.4

4000 -4.5db Q3

 6500 -3db Q5

 8300 +2db Q3

 13100 +3.7db Q3.5


Am I right in thinking that I should set the lowpass filter at 200hz with a slope of 12db and the highpass at 730hz with 24db? 


I believe the drivers are modified RCF CX15N351.







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