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Adelaide Speaker Design Ascension M853SaTL 3-Way Monitors

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Item Condition: Used, Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Blakeview
State: SA
Payment Method: EFT/Cash
Reason for selling: Excess to needs.

Further Information

Selling a pair of custom Adelaide Speaker Design M853SaTL 3-Way monitors with stands. Rated at 140W/8ohm using drivers from the SB Acoustics Satori range, enclosed in a dense, well-braced transmission line cabinet.


Cabinets are constructed with 19mm American Oak veneered MDF finished in a lovely Rose Mahogany stain. Drivers used are the TW29RN-B 1 1/4” ring radiator tweeter, MW13P-8 Satori 5” mid, and the MW19P-8 Satori 7.5” bass.


For a stand-mount speaker with a 7.5” bass driver, they produce a superbly musical output with clean, thumping bass, excellent midrange, and crystal clear treble. Size is no detriment, where some floorstanders do not perform this well. Using a REL T9i alongside was, for the most part, redundant.


Across the board, these are an excellent performer and as a comparison, perform far better than the similarly priced Wharfedale Linton, where those suffer from a treble roll off at 15kHz. There are not many reasonably priced larger stand-mount options in the market, making these quite a unique speaker.


Dimensions are 600mm H x 400mm D x 300mm W. Stands are 520mm tall with matching width and depth, thus, total height of 1120mm.














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