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IFI DC power supply 12V. MK2 preferred.


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22 minutes ago, Deepthought said:
Price Range: fair market value
Item Condition: not too worried as long as it works

Extra Info: 



If you can wait a coupla weeks, I might have available a brand new version of the better iFi 12v DC PS (the $159 one) - for $100 incl postage.


I bought it for an experiment - if it fails this experiment ... I will have no need for it.  :shocked:




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Hi DT,


This arvo I tried out my new $159 12v iFi DC PS ... and it is, unfortunately, no use for the purpose I bought it for.  :sad:


(Which was ... to power one of the 'Paris' head amps that I supply - in place of a 12v SLA.)


So it is available.


I am sending you a PM.


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