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Greetings from the UK

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I'm 76 - so a long hifi journey which I will spare you.


I have Living Voice speakers mated to a WD valve amp (built from a kit). A RME DAC and Wiim streamers (x3). Cambridge CD player, A Rega derivative deck + a Roxsan Nima arm.....and the cartridge - well, up to this morning it was a AT 33PGE/2 MC but somehow an accident has meant the cantilever has disappeared. I'm thus asking for advice as to what to replace it with.  I don't listen to many LPs these days so may contemplate a MM cartridge (Ortofon Blue???). A trip to India means I will need to reduce my budget....(I also have a Topping DAC and Rega Brio amp in another room + a modded Quad 306 in case the valve amp self-destructs!






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