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Fidelia Sound Quality

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I have been using the default music program on my iMac but saw a lot of good reviews for Fidelia so I downloaded that program.  The sound quality is not as good as my default Music app on my iMac. I am sending the music from my iMac thru a USB to HDMI adapter to my Onkyo AV receiver thru a HDMI cable to a HDMI to RCA converter for all of my music from my iMac.  I usually listen to my music with my Audio Technica headphones or my Klipsch speakers.  I have heard there are ways using the Fidelia FHX headphone processor app to improve the sound.  I have never found a way to download the Fidelia FHX headphone processor program or if it will work to improve the quality of the sound on my system.  Any help or comments on how to solve my problem using Fidelia Player would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks................................Floyd

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