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Valve Audio Whisper hybrid phono preamp MC/MM /

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Glen Waverley
State: VIC
Payment Method: EFT, Cash on pick up
Reason for selling: NLR

Further Information

This Valve Audio Whisper hybrid phono is one of the most stunning pieces of art l have ever seen!

It is an integration of excellent design and construction with no compromise or limits on expense.

This latest version was hand assembled by Schalk Halvenga, the head of Valve Audio and also its heart !


He hand tuned it and utilised 6922 tubes in the MM modules, and optimised the MC modules with GEC JAN5670W tubes.

These are one of the sweetest sounding tubes you can get!

The Whisper hybrid phono preamplifiers have legendary status among many in the Audio game, and Van den Hul himself buys them as a reference to test and listen to his cartridges he builds. 

Cannot get a higher endorsement than that! 🙂


It takes an extended amount of time, for these to be built as Schalk is very methodical and professional in every aspect of the process. 

I received this late June 2023, and estimate have only put in around 100 hours- so effectively still like a new unit.


I did a comparison at @betty boops place against his Audio Research PH6, and while big fan of them - felt that the Whisper had quieter noise floor and better soundstage. 

So maybe closer to the PH9 in performance. 


It is with a very heavy heart, that l am putting up for sale- but just too much gear and need to simplify. 

It has a broad range of load settings, and is true separate power supply with individual Phono modules- bit like monoblocs if you will ! 😉


These retail for around $6500

so a sizeable discount on a virtually new unmarked unit.

Happy to demo to a serious buyer, or send interstate as have a very sturdy box and manual.


These are like Unicorns in how often they come up.

Practically everyone keeps them, they are that good.

Know @Doppelganger is a big fan! 


Whisper Hybrid MM/MC Phono Amplifier

The polularity of vinyl records as a preferred medium to store quality music makes a phono amplifier an essential addition to your stereo system. After the turntable, the phono stage is the most important link in the chain. While a phono stage built into a stereo amplifier could for the most part work well, a dedicated phono stage is so much better. Whisper offers the best way to ensure what you hear is what was intended. A hybrid valve design, it perfectly complements the rest of your system.

Whisper is a fully balanced, dual-mono design, and also physically separates the power supply module from the input, gain, and output stages. Unsurprisingly, the unit employs a hybrid configuration, linking a valve input stage to solid-state output. You will not hear anything except the music.


MM/MC selectable Loading

Gain Factor: MC 62 dB; MM 48 dB

Frequency response RIAA Curve +0.5 dB

Passive signal-to-noise ratio: -78 dB below output


Single input: Hybrid four valve, balanced, available in either MC or MM

Dual input: Hybrid eight valve, balanced, available in both MC and MM





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2 hours ago, evil c said:

Currently on hold pending payment 😊

wow its snooze or loose here :D 


its a lovely machine, built so well ! and with a lovely sound 🙂 

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2 minutes ago, metal beat said:


Pigs arssse  😂


Gonna have to good to beat this.

Good quality is wasted on me, my cloth ears have already well and truly exceeded their significant limitations!,😉

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