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NAD Master 7 Channel M25 amplifier

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Item Condition: Mint
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Melbourne
State: VIC
Payment Method: EFT
Reason for selling:

Further Information


The beast is for sale. 😪

M25 7 Chanel power amplifier. Warning this is a power house class A/B. 

160W all channels driven - dynamic power, well over 220w per channel. 

Weight - 43.7KG x probably require two people to lift it. 


THX Ultra 2 certification. 


The THX Ultra 2 certified M25 is rated at 160-watts per channel with a rated distortion of 0.03 - All Channels Driven (ACD) simultaneously, from 20Hz to 20kHz.)

NAD claims the M25 can deliver its full-rated power, free from distortion for hours on end. Runs cool. 

The M25 is actually made up of seven individual mono block amplifiers with each channel using a balanced junction FET input stage to eliminate cross-talk, resulting in exceptionally low levels of noise and distortion. Additionally, NAD employs a unique electronic ground isolation circuit to prevent ground loop noise in the system-a common problem with many complex multi-channel systems.


https://nadelectronics.com/product/m25-7-channel-amplifier/ scroll to bottom of page to download manual. 


Reviews here:














NAD M15 internal 2.webp

NAD M25 Internal 3.jpeg

NAD M25 rear panel.jpeg

NAD_M25_Amplifier Front.jpeg

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