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JBL 1400 Array speakers

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Item Condition: used
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Brunswick
State: VIC
Payment Method: Paypal, EFT
Reason for selling: change

I am the second owner of these speakers, I bought them from a fellow member last year. Astonishingly good speakers, the best I've had and I have had quite a few! Producing deep bass, clear highs and a very engaging midrange. Huge soundstage and image.

They seem to like a fair bit of power and I've had best results with purifi class D monos. 


I'm only selling because something else arrived here on the classifieds that I have been chasing for a few years, and I didn't want to let them get away this time. I'm not sure this is a good idea, I will probably never have speakers this good again. 


These speakers are really heavy, and challenging to shift. Due to a recent health event I can't really shift them myself so you will probably need a couple of people, or a pro to help to transport them. 


3-way 14" Floor standing

Frequency response - 32hz-40khz

Crossover frequencies - 750hz/8khz

Power handling - 300w

Sensitivity - 89db

Nominal impedance - 8 ohm

Dimensions - 1191mm x 394mm x 483mm

Weight - 52kg


RRP was around A$17500 (usd$11500)


Here is an extract from the Stereophile review of these:

"JBL's Synthesis 1400 Array BG impressed me with its three-dimensional imaging, impressive transparency, ambience retrieval, capacity to "disappear," and fine timbral detail. It gave my similarly priced reference speakers, the electrostatic Quad ESL-989s, a run for their money for its excellent balance across the audioband, its good timbral retrieval, and its three-dimensional imaging—and it exceeded the bass-shy Quad in its reproduction of pipe organ and percussion and its ability to play much louder. On the other hand, the Quads excelled in soundstage depth and resolution of musical detail. I was also impressed with the JBL's naturalness and lack of distortion, qualities I'd heretofore thought were the exclusive province, in this price bracket, of Quads. I even grew to like the 1400 Array's unusual appearance.

Because of these excellent qualities, the Synthesis 1400 Array BG deserves a top-rank recommendation in Stereophile's "Recommended Components." The JBL has the smooth frequency response, the bass extension, the wide soundstaging, and the unique ability to render voices that I've heard only from far more expensive loudspeakers. Even with a retail price of $11,500/pair, the 1400 Arrays' width of soundstage, wide dynamic range, and accuracy in reproducing realistic male voices—all as good as I've heard in my listening room from other more expensive floorstanders—makes them an audiophile bargain. No wonder Greg Timbers is so proud of them." https://www.stereophile.com/floorloudspeakers/jbl_synthesis_1400_array_bg_loudspeaker/index.html











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38 minutes ago, romekaff said:

Stunning sounding speaker!! Should’ve never sold ‘em. I’ve had Jbl haters listen to mine then gone out looking for a pair lol.. 

Yep , I remember there being discussions on these Jbl’s, my first listening session with them was very impressed and I’ve owned a few big sets of Jbl’s over the years, great Jbl’s forsale here.

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Each to their own I guess. I would go with “polarising”.

Definitely would be banned to the cave in my house though but damn I’d love to hear a pair, they get gushing praises. Only JBL’s I ever heard that I liked were original Project Everest a lifetime ago I’m guessing these would make that shortest of lists.

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I think the 1400 is one of Greg Timber's finest designs.

The array cabinets are very well built with curved sides & a trapezoidal top, extremely inert.

Having the HF outside the cabinet and vertical mostly removes the colouration of the cabinet. They don't ever exhibit any of that 'horny' sound.

The LE14H-3 bass driver is amazing (as is the whole LE14/1400ND family really).


The 1400 sounds fantastic at lower listening levels and can really load a small room nicely with around 10w and conversely they can rock a big room with dynamic crystal clear high SPL sound with pairing them 500-1000w amps.


They don't have the extreme micro detail that the more modern S lines do but I think this makes them a better all rounder. The S lines really excel on audiophile tracks but can show all the faults poor 70s/80s recordings.


The 1400 has a very modern JBL sound compared to the DD55000 Everest that is more of a vintage sound, they both excel but in different ways.


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3 hours ago, Electrovoice Interface. said:

Interested to know what speaker you are changing to

Martion Bullfrogs, not necessarily a step up, but a step sideways. 20240212_110452.thumb.jpg.0f19b02d62a3828c47dc7d42c5498462.jpg

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On 14/02/2024 at 9:08 AM, frednork said:

Can you describe differences between these as you have them side by side in the same room

Yes, the JBL have better and clearer mids and treble. The Martions do have slightly more energy in the bass, playing techno hits you in the chest like in a club. I think the Martions need to have the crossover tuned a bit because there is slight boxiness in the mids. The JBLs do everything straight up and down from 32hz to beyond my hearing. Playing them with the Ayon DAC was spine tingling. The Martions don't quite have that level of magic at the moment but I think I can bring them closer with tweaking. I am in love with the aesthetics and pure energy of the Martions, but I'll miss the magical coherence and dynamics of the JBL.

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