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Using both ELAC 6.2 and 5.2 in the same setup good or bad?

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Hi everyone, first post here, please be gentle. 


I am considering upgrading my speakers to ELAC debuts. For where I live and how I enjoy films and music I don’t use a subwoofer. I watch movies at about 60db from my seating position to not disturb my neighbours and for me this is plenty loud, I don’t need room shaking base and my music is not very heavy in base. 


I listen to music in multi stereo mode where both fronts and surrounds play the same stereo and I sit in the middle of it. 


I was considering the 6.2 as my front and surround speakers, i figured having the larger woofers would help with the lack of subwoofer but then I’ve been reading that the 5.2s are actually preferred by many over the 6.2s. What would happen if I used 6.2s as my fronts and 5.2s as my surrounds? Bad idea? In my head I’m like, hmm maybe this will be the best of both worlds? 


thanks in advance

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