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Looking for some advice on Garrard 4HF(H)

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Hello, looking for some advice about a massive old unit I picked up at a charity shop about 14 years ago. It's a beautiful thing with a Garrard 4HF(H) turntable and Armstrong valve receiver and amp. 


I spent a bit of cash getting it fixed up and used it loads, but I moved house and it's barely been touched in about three years. 


I'd quite like to try and sell it. It could probably bring someone some joy. But it's absolutely massive and I live up two flights of stairs. Wondering about trying to dismantle it. Take the turntable out. I'm a bit scared to try so thought I'd ask the forum how easy that would be. Very much have first do no harm in my head. 


Also keen for any advice on how best to sell and what it might all be worth. 




image (1).png



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I have two 4HF tables, (one is spare parts only), the other I mounted in a plinth.  I paid about $100 for each, so no huge market out there.  The drive does have a very nice large bearing and idler wheel, similar to the 301/401.  The platter is only pressed metal though.  The tone arm  can (just) manage 2 or 3 gram tracking weight if you disable the auto-off trip.


Some people love these old consoles, so there's a slim you may get some takers for the whole thing.


Taking it out should be easy as you should have lots of access from the rear and often the power and audio connections just unplug.    Mechanically, just some screws and it'll lift out.

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In my city there are a couple of stores which specialise in "retro", they have lots of consoles (usually from the 70's with horrible auto-changer turntables).  There should be a market for your unit, especially because the cabinet and the electronics are in good condition.  Put some furniture polish on the woodwork to maximise your return. 

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