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Price Range: 500
Item Condition: not bashed up, fully operational


G'day Forum

Thought I would try the Trust here before embarking on purchasing something new.


On the hunt for an optical drive to (ideally) play blue ray 1080p and other optical formats like dv and cd, it only needs to be digital spdif out, DAC not required. 4K is wasted on me I can hear but not see, quite well enough, old eyes. HDMI and spdif. 


If something comes along, like a nice older dedicated CD spinner with optical out/spdif only Please feel free to let me know as I'm into music mainly and love old dedicated CD spinners. What's hiding out 🙂 ?


Prefer a smaller format case.

Will look at anything although it must play trouble free and be in functional order. 

Would like it shipped, no pickup.





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Hello Glen, Although your requirements seem modest you would be looking for something high-end? If not I have a couple of Sony DVD/BD units (clearing out cupboards) with HDMI and coaxial out. One is about 10yrs, and the other about 5yrs. Let me know if at all interested.



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Hi yea, thanks BDP-1200 would be the pick of those. I just picked up one  on the Flee Bay locally, cheap, sorry, about an hour ago.

Would seem they have all the specifications, 1080p HDMI 96/24bit  SPDIF, good reviews, can still buy one new. Legacy compact player from 10years ago ?

Albeit at the cheapest end of the market 🙂 


I would pay a lot more for a proper dedicated CD player  and will still be on the lookout for a higher end transport. 

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G'day Gen. Might a slightly marked, internally refurbished Cambridge Audio 840c interest you? Two each of coax and opt digital inputs, one each of coax, opt, XLR and RCA outputs with twin AD1955 DACs in-between. Will be reasonable but not free, with post from WA also a factor.

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