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There's bad then there's D.S.M Redux by Roger Waters

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I've listened to, owned and loved Dark Side of the Moon since I bought a copy when it first came out in 1973. I'd been a Pink Floyd fan before that so they had been in my top five for over 50 years.

When I saw Roger Waters latest redo of the album on Spotify this morning while having breakfast, I thought "what the hell why not give it a listen".

By the end of the first track, I was ready to throw up breakfast, but being a PF fan, I chomped down on my toast and continued to listen, at least until the end of track four by which time my ears were starting to bleed, and the constant grinding sound turned out to be my teeth.

I usually enjoy when a band or artist revisits their earlier work, sometimes the result is even better than the original. A case in point is Alan Parsons revisiting the track "Dream within a Dream" from the album "Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

Parsons revisits this track On the Album "A Valid Path" the track is called "A recurring dream with a dream" and it's in my opinion brilliant, something I can't say about this last offering from Roger Waters.


Thinking it was just me and I was suffering an aneurism I jumped online and looked at what the reviewers were saying, and it wasn't particularly complimentary. See the attached link, it confirms exactly what I and others thought. Read the comments by other readers, it makes for interesting reading.

Brutally Honest Reviews



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I love it, but then again I love all of the Roger Waters post- Pink Floyd albums.  I am not a fan of his political rants but I do love this new recording and his previous ones.  To each his own, I suppose...

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