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Conrad Johnson CT5 Preamp

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Item Condition: Very good.
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Perth
State: WA
Payment Method: Cash, PayPal
Reason for selling: Insanity

Further Information

Conrad Johnson make exceptional sounding and great looking valveamps. I’ve pinched @evil c ad details as it was a lot better than  what I typed up. I’ll definitely regret this sale. 

l have had this Conrad Johnson CT5 tube preamplifier for 18 months and it has been a revelation in my system!

It lifted up the performance of reproduction to astonishing levels, and every step of the evolution of changes in components- has been a consistent star in revealing improvements !

it employs a composite triode circuit, with a single pair of 6H30P tubes.

It has a few small chips off the paint along top edges, but not normally visible in rack - so overall presents in excellent condition with no marks on front panel.

Forgot to mention, this has Home Theatre bypass, so will integrate perfectly into a multi functional system. 

Oh, and it has 2 sets of RCA outputs, so again very versatile!

l have owners manual, remote, all original packaging and carton so happy to post interstate if necessary. 

Freight charge and insurance to be paid by buyer, if required. 

At this price, it is very hard to beat for the money - and will integrate very successfully into mid price, up to six figure systems. 

Price firm .


Roy Gregory, Hi Fi Plus, Product of the Year


"Remarkably even and musically coherent, it excels in reproducing the colour and texture in a performance, the finesse in playing as well as the sheer gusto.  The results are engaging and gratifying, centring on the music rather than the means of reproduction.  Cutting to the core of the music, the CT5 echoes generations of predecessors that eschewed the obvious in preference for longer-term satisfaction."


 Stereophile Class A rating


"The CT5 is essentially a simplified version of the highly regarded ACT 2, employing a single 6N30P twin-triode tube per channel and featuring a revised power supply with fewer regulators and greater storage.  The CT5 proved comparable to preamplifiers twice its price in offering no sound of its own, simply enabling recordings to be themselves."


Stereophile review, Wes Phillips, 23 July 2006


"Once burned in, the CT5 was virtually indistinguishable from the ACT2 it replaced. Now we could debate long and hard about whether I could walk into a room and identify any preamp immediately, but I did expect that extended auditioning of the CT5 after prolonged exposure to the ACT2 would unearth some differences. To discover otherwise would really harsh my mellow, man. After all, the audio magazine that published equipment reports claiming that everything sounded alike went out of business. When things start sounding the same, my career's in jeopardy, right?

Not really. I'm supposed to report on the differences I do hear, and with the CT5, for the most part, there weren't any. And that is news, especially at a little over half the price."


"The CT5 wasn't wimpy, it wasn't heavy handed, it wasn't delicate, it wasn't bombastic - except when it was"


RRP $13,995 AUD -



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@Pops110 has indeed lost his mind, unless he's going further up the totem of CJ amps!,🤔

Shouldn't last long, nothing really will beat this - even around $5k on the 2nd hand market. 

I wish l could buy it back, shame to see it going unloved!, 😬

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Hey Clive,

Yep, I’ve lost it. I’m not going further up the CJ ladder.
It’s very much loved and I can see some more CJ gear I’m my future but at the minute I’m down sizing a bit and trying something a bit left field.



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